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2020 Holidays - How can you save money?

2020 is fast approaching and everyone is starting to look into holidays. Today low cost airlines came on sale for departures up to winter 2020, now is the best time to grab yourself a bargain. There is no such thing as late deals anymore in school holidays, the later you book the more expensive it is. Free and discounted child places have also been on sale for a few weeks now, again these get booked up so quickly.

So how can you save money?

As a mum of 3 I know how hard it is to find the right holiday for the right price especially in school holidays. I share deals on my social media pages daily, I try and include school holiday deals too.

A lot of my customers start planning their trips as soon as they get home from holiday, if your stuck on ideas ask me I can help 😊. I offer package holidays but I can also package holidays up with low cost flights and hotel/apartments, this will still be 100% Atol Protected. This is called a dynamic package, 99% of the time the holiday is a lot cheaper, not only that you can get the same hotels sold with tour operators too.


Flight prices inflate without a seconds notice, if the airline sees that flight is selling fast they put the price up. The earlier you book especially low cost the cheaper the price is. The lower the class the cheaper the price of that seat.

You maybe sat next to someone on the plane that has paid twice as much as you, but there in the same seat! Booking later has meant the customer has a more flexible ticket than you, he doesn’t need this but he has to go on that flight so he has paid more.

How can I help you?

After having a chat with you and finding out your requirements I will go away and start my search. Trip advisor is my bible I use this all the time, if the hotel has less than 3 I won’t send this to you. Once I have finished my search I will send over some options for you to look through by email and then wait for your reply. There is no limit to my search or cost for my time, I get paid a commission when you book from the supplier. I am here to help you find the right holiday, you have me as your first point of call and when I am not available there is a 24 hour support line.

I hope to help you soon.

Bye for now

Stevie ✈️

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for deals.

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