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Wow what a mad few months after what started to be an amazing year for me. My business had boomed, lots of enquiries and I was loving life. Fast forward to now and i am still cancelling or rebooking all holidays I have worked so so hard on. Working all hours of the day with no pay, so much so I was ready to pack it all in 😔. Being a commission based agent is tough, in fact really tough. But then I realised I needed to be stronger for my customers and even for me and for my family, I have worked so hard to build this business. Corona you will not destroy me!! The past few weeks I have managed to do some enquiries, help lots of people with their bookings (including ones that weren’t booked with me). I have even managed to make some bookings which I have missed so so much, I miss my job. I am still working on my own so please understand I can only work as quick as I can manage. A HUGE thank you to you all for your amazing messages,cards and phone calls, I am so touched. You are the reason I am still going and the reason we will be bigger and stronger after this.

Stevie x 💓

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