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Not booked your summer holiday yet?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

​I thought I would write a short blog for people who haven't yet booked their holidays. Prices now are starting to rise from one minute to the next and holidays are getting booked up quick. Spain is one that is really pricey now, everyone books up early to go somewhere "safe" so the flight prices alone have rocketed. If you are looking for a cheap deal for a week the likes of Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece and even the Canary Islands have some great deals available. A family of 4 to Turkey for example is roughly coming out at £1300 self catering total which is fantastic! With this weather do we need to go abroad? Don't forget there are fantastic holiday parks/cottages all over in the UK that start as little as £180 for 7 nights. I am still sharing deals for this year so keep an eye out on my page or send me a message and I can take a look for you.

Thank you for reading

Stevie x

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